With TUNIOT … Internet of Things world is easy!


NODEMCU_FTUNIOT is a code generator for the ESP8266\ESP32 boards. You don’t need any coding skills to program it and make your IoT project. The tool is available on 4 languages and in active development and documentation is coming soon!
There is several resources in different language to learn ESP8266\ESP32 and program in blocks mode.
There is 2 versions of the program:

  • TUNIOT FOR ESP8266: This is a visual programming tool for the ESP8266 based boards like NODEMCU, Wemos, Huzzah … I think that board is enough mature to be used. There is a big community behind with a lot of projects and forum discussion. You will find more about the tool and the documentation on this page.
  • TUNIOT FOR ESP32: This is a visual programming tool for the ESP32 board. The ESP32 is a quite new board and the libraries under the arduino IDE are still in active development. You already can start learn and programming with blocs and do basic things.

To promote the board and the tool, I started to make some workshops
1- Workshop for primary school pupils in Tunis
2- First IOT workshop for my pupils in middle school
3- IOT Workshop for the association “Jeunes Science” in Djerba.
4- Arduino-NODEMCU workshop for master degree teachers
5- NODEMCU workshop in FABLAB SOLIDAIRE in Tunis

Around the world:
1- IOT workshop during the Scratch conference in Nairobi (April 2017 – Kenya)
2- IOT workshop during the Scratch conference of Bordeaux (July 2017 – France)
3- IOT workshop in the international tool fair (Bulgaria) planned for November 2017


Blocklyduino Enhanced in the International tool fair

Stand tool fair MalteThe international tool fair is a event organized every year in a country of the EUROMED space. For this 11th edition, it was organized in Malta. I was selected after my participation in the national tool fair of Tunisia. The event gathered more than 100 participants from 36 countries. I presented my tool (Blocklyduino enhanced ) in the market.


Reference It was very successful participation and most of the participants never programmed before so it was their first step into programming. Some of them know already about Scratch programming but never touched electronics or embedded system before. You can see one of the references left by one of the participants.


Arduino avec participante de Latvia

After the end of the market, I discovered that some participant did not get the opportunity to try to the tool so I showed them later in private.

App Inventor workshop for ATAST in Mahdia

This wokshop was organised for The ATAST association (Association Tunisienne pour l’avenir des sciences et Technologie). This association is participating in a lot of international competition in STEM field and there is a need to know to program mobile devices. Although I was very sick, we made it. The workshop started at 10PM et finished the next day at 1:30. The cool thing about ATAST member is that they learn very quickly and eager to spread what they learn.


Train of trainers of App Inventor in Orange Dev Centre

Orange Dev centre is a space connected to the Telecom operator Orange that offers different services of training and support in the mobile world. They offer free trainings to students and work to promote a new digital culture in the country. For their next plans, they wanted to get involved more with middle and high school students into apps making and entrepreneurship. This workshop was mainly for trainers who have already a great experience with Android programming but never worked with App Inventor. We got also the visit of 2 high school students who might be in future projects.


Arduino: Train the trainers with YTCA

ytcaThe Young Tunisian Coders Academy is an organisation aimed to promote coding culture in the country. The founders are students from INSAT who have been in the USA for exchange program. They won the the AEIF competition grant. They started late 2015 by making workshop of Scratch around the country. For their summer camp, they wanted to do more. They asked me to make a training about Arduino to their trainers. The workshop was held during 2 days: One reserved for Scratch 4 Arduino, and the second for Blocklyduino Enhanced.

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