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Techn3The Technovation challenge is an international competition for girls in middle and high school. They should make a mobile app that resolve a community issue. The revolutionary thing about Technovation is the way in which should be made. Usually, when pupils start a project they don’t spend much time choosing the ideas. And, they start quickly building. In this challenge, girls should make a business plan and work by a professional way. This method could be applied to any project or business they will run in the Future. It is also the same way entrepreneur in real life use when they start a project.

TECHNO2Teaching entrepreneurship to kids is revolutionary. So, I wanted to make the experience. I chose to work with the middle school of Oum Heni, located in the country side of Menzel Bourguiba. We did a lot of workshops focused on App Inventor. During 2 workshop, I got the visit of Boudour Ayachi, the founder of GDG Bizerte (Google developer Group).

Unfortunately, we could not finish on time for several reason. But, it was a very rich experience.

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