Control your game with an Android phone


Public From the age of 10
Objects to be connected A sprite with an Android device
Connectivity WIFI
Software used
  • Snap 4 Arduino
  • MIT App Inventor
Hardware A Computer

An Android device

Estimated time 3H
  • Creating the S4A games
  • Creating the connection
  • Creating the Android App
  • Improving the project


In this project, you will learn how to make your own game using a software called Snap4Arduino (Blocs programming like Scratch) We will control the sprites with an App that we will make with App Inventor. We will not write code, just snap blocks together.


In this step, we will make a game with the software called SNAP! (like Scratch) You will design your own spaceship. The spaceship should avoid a meteorite. For now, you control the spaceship with the arrow keys.

  1. Download and Install Snap4Arduino.
  2. Follow the video to make the game


In this part we will see how to control our spaceship with the browser. We will send HTTP request in some format. You need to know the IP address of your machine.


In this part, we will make our Android app to control the sprite. We will use a tool called MIT APP Inventor.

  1. Install the AI companion
  2. If you never used App Inventor before, I suggest to make this App first.
  3. Follow the video to make the Android App