With TUNIOT … Internet of Things world is easy!


NODEMCU_FTUNIOT is a code generator for the ESP8266\ESP32 boards. You don’t need any coding skills to program it and make your IoT project. The tool is available on 4 languages and in active development and documentation is coming soon!
There is several resources in different language to learn ESP8266\ESP32 and program in blocks mode.
There is 2 versions of the program:

  • TUNIOT FOR ESP8266: This is a visual programming tool for the ESP8266 based boards like NODEMCU, Wemos, Huzzah … I think that board is enough mature to be used. There is a big community behind with a lot of projects and forum discussion. You will find more about the tool and the documentation on this page.
  • TUNIOT FOR ESP32: This is a visual programming tool for the ESP32 board. The ESP32 is a quite new board and the libraries under the arduino IDE are still in active development. You already can start learn and programming with blocs and do basic things.

To promote the board and the tool, I started to make some workshops
1- Workshop for primary school pupils in Tunis
2- First IOT workshop for my pupils in middle school
3- IOT Workshop for the association “Jeunes Science” in Djerba.
4- Arduino-NODEMCU workshop for master degree teachers
5- NODEMCU workshop in FABLAB SOLIDAIRE in Tunis

Around the world:
1- IOT workshop during the Scratch conference in Nairobi (April 2017 – Kenya)
2- IOT workshop during the Scratch conference of Bordeaux (July 2017 – France)
3- IOT workshop in the international tool fair (Bulgaria) planned for November 2017


ESP8266 workshop for IEEE EMBS INSAT Student chapter

The IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS) is the world’s largest international society of biomedical engineers. A workshop about IOT and ESP8266 was organized for the student chapter in the university of INSAT. I had students not only from Bioengineering field, but also computer science and networking. Everyone wanted to know more about the ESP8266 and IOT.

Training of trainers: IOT challenge for the TUNIROBOTS competition

Tunirobots is the biggest robotic event in Tunisia organized every year in the prestigious university INSAT. The event was targeting in the beginning university students. But, since 2014, they added a Junior section for pupils under 18. I supported the event from the beginning by showing how we can teach programming to kids and by making teams.

For this edition, the junior part is divided into 3 sections: the robot competition, an exhibition and the IOT challenge. During the IOT challenge, the participants will have a problem to solve using IOT technologies by programming the ESP8266 board. They will have all the necessary  components. The interesting part is that these kids we be trained before in this technology by trainers.
My target is to spread this technology as fast as possible in Tunisia and bring it in the hand of youth. The training for kids will start soon.


IOT Tour December 2017

After the Arduino tour of December 2015 where I was spreading  , I decided another one to promote the Internet of Things technology in Tunisia. For me it is important to give the opportunity to people to try them self the technology at least for a workshop and decide later to continue or not. In my way to my hometown Djerba, I made a workshop for the association ATAST in the city of Moknine. I have a special contact because the trainers were high-school students and they will train younger members. When I did such training 3 years ago, I did not expect that they will really train kids on Arduino. I followed their work and I was amazed about what they did and specially this video about the youngest kids in Tunisia I know to program an Arduino (6 years old).

The second city was Sfax where I made a workshop in the local Fablab. They were planing to open a new junior section where they could implement this technology. I was happy to see one of their youngest member Hamza who was coding with us in the same pace from 14H to 22H almost non stop! One of the trainers was a participant of the last IOI competition which means he was one of the top 4 programmers in high-school.

The last workshop was in my hometown Djerba with the association Jeunes sciences.