IOT at School is a new series of lesson where you will learn how to connect objects together. We will not write, we will use different blocs base programming languages like SNAP, MIT APP INVENTOR or TUNIOT.

Who can use the projects?

Even if the name of lessons sounds for school but any one interested on the field of Internet of Things is concerned. You don’t need any heavy programming background. The examples are very easy to do.

Why Internet of Things concepts are important at school?

First, IOT is already part of our daily life and this trend will continue in a high speed. Teenagers are already familiar with these technologies but they only know how to use. They know how to connect to an access point without knowing how to create one, they use Bluetooth technology, Android, web services … But they don’t know how it works. Teaching IOT will introduce them the basic of these technology in a practical project. IOT gather several knowledge: Electronics, embedded system programming, networking technologies, web services, web page design. These skills are very important to know even at a basic level.

Start coding!

  • Project 1: Control your game with an Android phone