BlocklyDuino Enhanced is a tool that generate an Arduino code from Blocks. You can program one of these three languages: English, Arabic or French.
This work is based on the work of Fred Lin (@gasolin) who created BlocklyDuino and Neil Fraser who created Blockly.
BlocklyDuino Enhanced LogoI also took and corrected some blocks from and used some feature of Blockly Lua. Blocklyduino Enhanced is designed for the Arduino Uno board. I am planning to make a geneator for Arduino Mega.


Easy programming with Blocklyduino Enhanced serie.


  • Arduino-Android Bluetooth communication [English]: In this video, we will see how to make an Android app that communicates with an Arduino through the Bluetooth protocol. You will need an Arduino Uno, a bluetooth module HC-06, some LED and an Android device. You will not write any single line of code. All is bloc based programming. For the Arduino part, we will use Blocklyduino Enhanced. For the Android part, we will use Mit App Inventor.