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SFDAfter a long work on my Arduino code generator (BlocklyDuino Enhanced), and after presenting the tool and the added value in education, the organizer of the SFD asked me to present that during a conference. In the morning, I got a place to show the people the tool. This nice video shows one of my visitor: a middle school pupil (7th grade). I was explaining to him why and how to use the Arduino. By the end of the video, he will be joined by a primary school pupils to whom I already showed Arduino. One interesting experience with them was when the kid made a program using blocks and he made a mistake. So I asked him to fix the problem with the block mode. He looked to the code at the Arduino IDE and he fixed it directly. VIDEOBlog (Arabic)

In the after-noon, I made a presentation about teaching embedded systems at school and I took my tool as an example. This is the video of the presentation.

Sfd 2015 workshop site

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