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Before applying to participate in the Scratch conference of Bordeaux, I had to choose the format of my contribution. The easiest way was to be in the poster session where you will have a table and will show to people around. The second option, more challenging is the workshop. Challenging because I was expecting to have several operating systems and every computer brings his own surprises. The installation take some time. But, in the end I did not have any problem. The workshop was organized into 2 parts:
1- Introduction to the concept of Internet of things with a live demo of interconnected objects: rain sensor, NODEMCU, home light and an Android device. The goal was to show by real example what we can do with learners.


2- Programming part, where we made a connection to a network in order to control an LED over WIFI.
In practical workshops, there is always surprises but we did not have any one. We got a limitation of time.



The audience was from 3 continents: Africa, Europe and America. It was nice to see all these different people programming together.