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For the second year, I was selected to the international tool fair. For this edition, the event happened in Varna-Bulgaria from 6 to 10 November 2017. I was present with a workshop called: Getting started with IOT. I used the ESP8266 board and my tool TUNIOT FOR ESP8266. It was one of the most challenging workshops I ever made. It gathers persons from more than 10 countries (Canada, Estonia, Italy, Iceland, Germany…) and from different backgrounds. There were absolute beginner with no programming skills to the computer engineer and educational robot expert. So, it was amazing having the very basic questions to the most advanced one. I had also different generation of people who were curious about the Internet of Things concept.

The workshop was organized into 3 main parts:
– An Introduction about IOT
– Demo of real projects in different based on the ESP8266 board who can be programmed during a training session.
– The programming of a connected object.