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The African Girls Can Code Initiative is a four year project that will bring together Girls from all over the African continent across different languages to spark their interest in ICT as a career path and to empower them as young promising innovative women on the Continent. The initiative is in partenership between ITU (International Telecommunication Union), UN Women and the African Union.

The second camp was a regional camp and gathered girls from the southern part of Africa like South Africa, Namibia, Eswatini, Tanzania…

I was in charge of the IOT\Robotics workshop. During the first week, the girls moved around the 4 labs: Animation, Gaming, Turtles stitch and IOT. In the second week, they chose one lab for a deeper training. In the end of the second week, they had to make projects that solves community problems with the technology they learned during the camp. This is the presentation of the projects: